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Script Generator

Script generator allows you to produce CREATE TABLE statements corresponding to your existing tables, indexes and constraints. This allows you take tables in one schema / database, generate the scripts and then create the same tables in a different schema / database. Alternatively you could use the resulting scripts for documentation purposes or check them into your source control system.

You can select one or more tables from your table list and the script generator will output CREATE TABLE scripts for the selected tables, their constraints and indexes. Alternatively you can select one or more indexes or constraints and generate the scripts to reproduce the selected objects.

Currently CREATE TABLE script generator is available for Oracle, DB2, PostgreSQL and SQL Server.


On the first page of the script generator you can select options that will determine how the output will look like. For example, you can select if indexes and constraints should be included in the output script and whether keywords are upper or lower case.


Output Script

After selecting the options, script generator will display a CREATE TABLE script for your review. You can save the script to a file or copy it to the system clipboard. If you want to change some of the options, you can just click on 'Back', change the option and come back to review the script again.



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